During the last three decades there has been a shift in public perception of public
policies from civil society, media, experts and the wider audience.


Evaluating public policy, considerably impactful projects such as PPP, concessions, free economic zone projects, etc. are of paramount importance to the Albanian economy and its future.
International pressure to the Albanian government to increase transparency and rule of law regarding impactful long term economic projects and policies has been now met by the Albanian public perception, media and civil society.

All these stakeholders
require impartial and data driven analysis regarding policy evaluation in Albania, they
require rational argument to be discussed publicly in order to raise awareness on
different issues and also well structured reporting based on data generated indexes.

Red Flag!

This is the first red flag policy wise. Moreover, the main chunk of money went to infrastructural projects with no impact assessment. There are several reasons for this situation. First and foremost, it is related with human resources in certain industries.

Second aspect

Second, the Albanian government negotiating teams do not go prepared in donor and business meetings with concrete projects.


Third, even if there were concrete project they are not credible and are not based on long standing policy or impact analysis. There is no reliable data sources and studies to support the technical process