Our Topics

Influencing perception of institutions

How a nation perceives its position in the world, how it articulates its goals, and how it uses values of trust and principles among its decision-making process, it is very important determinator of public policy impact . Under this line of reasoning,  our programs, and products  will focus on developing, changing and influencing the art of thinking over the above perceptions, towards various actors, whose thoughts have an impact on the public policy and  decision making process.

Market reforms

Observatory  will work extensively  on projects, whose aim is: reforming the market by exploiting the private sector’s potentials;improving compentitivnes reducing non tariffs trade barriers between countries in the region, incentivizing foreign investment.

Improving business climate

Observatory will support the private sector, focusing on improving the business climate by identifying the main barriers that hinder their growth and development. We will contribute towards building the necessary partnerships between government, business and civil society by organizing mutual working groups at local and international level, to address issues that businesses face.

Promoting entrepreneurship culture

Observatory will identify initiatives that best promotes an entrepreneurial mindset, promotes social enterprise through small and medium-sized enterprises. We aim to stimulate a culture that encourages creativity, innovation and risk acceptance.

Research and analysis on integration process

Observatory aims to serve as a focal point on issues related to integration policies, with the purpose of generating the data needed to formulate effective policies. We will provide research-based and pragmatic policy advice on this regard.  It will tackle the  main  obstacles  to  the  integration   and  then  presents  examples  of  good  practices in  tackling  these  obstacles  at  the  local  and  regional  levels.


Observatory will work on analysis and commentary related to projects that promote co-existence and counter-extremism, seen under the spectrum of security in the region, as an important component of the integration. Education and Youth, counter extremism, conflict and geopolitics and radicalization are topics which we will aim to deliver and work on.

A focal point of Diaspora

Observatory will serve as a focal point, where well known experts from Albania that lives worldwide will actively participate in our programs. These participation is to take a stand on issues relating to  public  policies, providing  critical policy support as well as research-based, practically oriented recommendations. They will provide the general public with objective and politically impartial information about social and political developments in Albania and in the region.  In this way, it strives to add new impulses to the public debate on future development of Albania.

Creating a Database Business Unit

In order to transfer knowledge and information locally and regionally, related to business challenges and opportunities. We will aim to improve the local contextual dynamics of knowledge sharing on this regard.


 Integration is not just about linking or integrating technological platforms (i.e., “Systems”) from a technical standpoint. It is equally about defining a common framework for transacting, clearing and settling cross-border transactions, including operating rules, business practices and standards, participation requirements and funding schemes, among others.