Methodology & Technical Approach

What The Observatory will do is to tackle some of these issues through evaluation of
public policy and impactful projects through data driven, factual analysis and deep
expertise in the name of transparency.

Public Policy

Creating public policy and managing public
funds is rather a difficult exercise, therefore by contrasting data and analysis we aim to give greater certainty to public decision making and judicious community awareness. The Observatory as an organisation will be action oriented and will provide thematically, meaningful, rewarding and trackable information in a timely way. The information will be relevant for public administration, managers, media and the wide public. In addition, we will poll, measure, evaluate and publish the Albanian economic barometer.

The economic barometer is a group of indexes that measure several dimensions of
Albanian socio-economic realia through data driven inquiries and contextual analysis.

How We Operate

We will obtain data from building a state of the art software solution that will poll and compute basic data mining functions. The web application will be created based on best industry standards, developing data mining and polling application blueprints. It will be designed and developed in phases to better incorporate all factorial needs, thus conditioning a piloting time to consolidate all the database and infrastructure. Secondly, we will collect data from third party agencies, academic research institutions and other entities foreign and domestic.

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