Our Board Members

Meet our Board Members


Prof. Dr. Adrian Civici

Head of Board

Mr. Adrian Civici holds a Doctorate in Economics
from ENSA, Montpellier (France, 2002) and also a
Doctorate in Agrarian Economics from the
Agricultural University of Tirana (Albania, 1993).). In
1995, he was awarded the “Associate Professor”
title, while since 2011 he holds the “Professor” title in

Arben Shkodra

Board Member

Mr. Arben Shkodra has graduated from the University of
Tirana, Faculty of Economy. For more than 11 years, he
held the Director position at the Albanian Prime Minister’s
Office, with an extended experience in budget management
of public institutions.

Enida Bezhani

Board Member

Enida Bezhani, is an American-educated Fulbright Scholar
and a Senior Management and Interface Professional with a
15-year experience in leading and managing multiple
projects, processes and teams.

Rezart Prifti Ph.D

Board Member

Mr. Rezart Prifti holds a PhD from the University of Tirana,
Faculty of Economy, where he is a Lecturer of Innovation,
Business Administration and Strategic Management since
2012. His has focused his research on new models of
innovation; innovation in SMEs, innovation determinants,
role of government, measuring innovation and in the history
of economic crises and more.

Irena Beqiraj

Board Member

Ms. Irena Beqiraj is a Senior Professional of finance,
investments, policy design and implementation and further.
She has served in the capacity of the Deputy Minister of
the Ministry of Finance, while prior to that held the position
of the Economic Advisor to the Albanian Prime Minister

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