OBSERVATORY aims to understand, evaluate and encourage new approaches to address society’s complex problems by empowering public policy decision making, with new insights, knowledge, tools and connections to help policy maker to achieve positive public impact.

Our Vision

ALBANIA NEEDS TO build a new development paradigm for better public policies, sustaining a long term economic and social development of Albania.


Our Approach

We rely on the data: We start with the data collection. We do independent research, analyze the risks and political social-cultural technological contexts. We identify possible concerns to address  based on principles of thinking ahead, thinking again and thinking across .


Our Objectives

Fairness and Transparency

Fairly assessing and making public policies transparent and understandable for the wide public; public communication of their results; civic and professional involvement in public debates.

Strategic Challenge

Adopting and re-orienting public policies based on world-known best scenarios. Assessing and improving key knowledge sectors, environmental assessment and partnership identification within these policies.

Operational Challenge

Clarifying expected objectives and outcomes, tracking and partially or fully assessing the different phases of their implementation, adaptation to changes and evolutions in sectors where these policies apply.


Underlying support for a policy and the attempts to achieve it. For an initiative to have legitimacy, there needs to be public confidence behind it and in the institutions involved, stakeholder engagement in the policy-making process and the necessary political commitment backing the policy.

Policy Design

The design quality of policies intended to achieve impact. For an initiative to be a well-designed policy, it needs to have clear objectives, take into consideration suitable evidence, as well as have feasibility to ensure that there are no legal, human resources or financial barriers that would affect impact.

Dynamic Action

Translation of policies into effective action. Appropriate management and measurement mechanisms need to be in place to ensure progress is made, as well as an alignment of interests of those actors required to make change happen. Dynamism requires knowledge renewal, effective and rapid execution, as well as continuous engagement.